ACCESS POINT Lowering Systems provides raising and lowering devices for lighting, CCTV cameras, speakers, security surveillance and intelligent transportation markets.

We also offer a complete line of commercial, industrial, architectural, area, road, tunnel and sports lighting systems.

Each and every product we sell has a full line of options and accessories, as well as full service application support for even the most advanced lowering and lighting requirements.

Through the support of our partners, sales agents, distributors, contractors, designers, architects, engineers and consultants we are able to supply products and services to customers throughout the world.


Our camera lowering systems are the ultimate solution for maintaining cameras from the ground.

We provide cameras and network products that can be installed in commercial, industrial,
manufacturing, schools and transportation markets.



Raise and lower cameras, lights, speakers or any other equipment from the ground. Bucket/lift trucks are not necessary when servicing equipment.


Devices are individually controlled from the ground in a matter of minutes. Higher mounting heights are no longer an issue when servicing equipment.


Reduce yearly maintenance costs by over 80%. Lower implementation costs and power usage with greater mounting heights, allowing for increased spacing, and greater range of sight/sound, therefore requiring fewer overall units.